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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sand, Chamois Creme, Yoga, Cold Water, Soft Serve, Iced Coffee: These are a few of my favorite things

6.28.2014 31m #221
Great weather, started at the Bastille in Chateau-Manchester. Surprised there weren't more cars at the trailhead. Rode down to Point State Park, where sand sculpting was in progress.

Took a turn around the fountain. Rode out via Blvd of the Allies and the Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge (which I thought was covered in glass, turned out to be festive mylar slivers from a party or a photo shoot). Stopped at REI Southside to by some new-fangled chamois creme, so new it's not on REI's website yet. Looks like another year of Saturday morning yoga, I was surprised to see it back at Tunnel Park - I would have thought the Riverfront Amphitheater might have provided more shade.

Rode out along Keystone Metals and Sandcastle. Pleased to see Sara Petyk of Bike-the-Gap.com doing trail advocacy and cyclist support.

Also so very impressed at Mitchell's Seafood, who's always been so kind to cyclists by leaving out coolers of ice water and paper cups on the trail. Looks like they've had a little comfort station fabricated. Unbelievable level of trail good-neighborliness.

Rode down to the Phantom's Revenge and reversed. At KeyStone Metals in the Gauntlet of the Valley of the Shadow of Eagles, saw that an ingenuous birder had rigged sunshades along the fence, very nicely done. Stopped at a small gate further north along the fence, trail-portaged and enjoyed some wonderful soft-serve ice cream from Page Dairy Mart, considered by many to be the best soft-serve in Pittsburgh.

Back to the NorthSide without event. On the drive home, stopped at Anchor & Anvil Coffee in Ben Avon, a newly bike-friendly coffee house with brand new bike racks outside. Great place.

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