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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pittsburgh to DC, Day 1

Sun 7/6 28m
Started riding today at Gateway Center. Rode around for a little bit, met a group riding to DC, rode to the Point for picture taking.

I ended up pulling duty-driver for the first leg and drove the support vehicle to West Newton, where they stopped for lunch at The Trailside.

After lunch one of the younger riders got into the sag-wagon and I could get onto the trail.

The group split into three very divergent packs. I was really impressed at how they all did on their first day. In Connellsville they stayed at the Connellsville B&B, while we camped at the Adirondack shelters along the trail. I got to use my solar shower rig. There's a New York Pasta and Pizza shop in the shopping plaza right behind the campground plaza, and electrical outlets at the blue building for recharging the gizmos. We turned in early to make sure we had a good start on the next day.

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