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Friday, September 13, 2013

REI Return Run

9/13/2013 23m #229
Although I've been working the Weight Issue pretty steady, I was +2 pounds this morning, having fallen off the wagon a bit yesterday - dinner at Azul Bar y Cantina, and no riding (rain).

Today I rode from the Bastille to Homestead-Costco, round-trip under overcast, rumbling skies and a welcome cold front passage - today temps were in the low 60s, a very pleasant change from the low 90s of earlier this week.

When the temps first dip low like this, it reminds me that with earlier sunsets and winter coming, it's time to start ensuring that the bike lights are suitable for another winter, and that the winter riding kit is assembled in one spot after a few months of benign neglect.

Today's ostensible mission was an REI Return Run. I had overpurchased a few things when buying back-to-school supplies for the offspring, so I returned two items. Then I made the strategic mistake of strolling through the clearance rack in the bike department, and ended up leaving with a reflective mud flap from RainyDayBiking.com. Hey, winter's coming.

Very pleased to see YC not once but twice today, as he was getting in a ride before sundown. Meeting Y on the trail is like going to Rome and bumping into the Assistant Pope.

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