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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kid Event, Tall Bikes, Cool Day

9/14/2013 #228 37m
Started off at 0800 at the Carnegie Science Center with the Flock of Cycles folks, providing marshaling services for a corporate-sponsored family fun ride.

There were a lot of young children at this and it was way cool to see them on the trails and streets, maybe we influenced some future cyclists. It was also way cool that there were two Pittsburgh bike police officers in the group of riders; curiously, all the drivers were very nice to the cyclists.

I tried to get out of the NorthSide before it got too crazy with the Pitt game, a wine tasting on the trail at the Casino, some kind of a bike swap at Bike Heaven, the whole nine yards.

Rode all around town. Saw two tall bikes, really graceful and elegant frames. The names on them were "Evolve HC" and "Evolve Hi-Cycle", but the Google didn't offer any links or images for those clues.

Stopped at OTB to get something for lunch, very pleased to see several of the Flock folks there. There's just something great about having lunch at a bar that keeps a box of tubes and bike lights for when the unexpected need arises. I had a cheeseburger with a fried egg in the assembly, it was very good. I really enjoyed having lunch there.

Rode further out along the Mon to the Riverton Bridge. It was a beautiful day, bright blue and cool.

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