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Friday, September 6, 2013

Chain Chain Chain

9/06/2013 42m 235#
First ride back on my home turf and on my own bike.

Beautiful day, clear skies and cool temperatures. The plan was to ride the Montour Trail from Boggs southbound, meet my friend R and handoff some hardware I had for him, and end up at FarmHouse coffee for caffeine-loading before the return trip.

I started at Boggs as planned. It's my favorite trailhead on the Montour Trail, it just seems like a bit of an oasis. Riding past MP16 I noted the flooding and pooling caused by the beaver population and their dams, and I thought: hey, we could just freeze the water around the beaver dams and prevent it from having any effect on the trail, right? I mean, once Fukashima proves the concept it should be extensible? My eagerness is tempered by my fear of IceNine somehow jumping across the membrane.

At MP19 I was surprised when my chain sort of stuck on the chainring; it didn't want to release and continued riding up on the back of the chainring. So I backpedaled and it seemed to release. I continued pedaling normally for like three revolutions and then the chain broke and that was the end of that powertrain. Funny how fast a bicycle becomes an inanimate object. I was not going to make my rendezvous with R.

Conditions were good; it was daylight, it wasn't raining, it wasn't cold, it wasn't a hazardous setting. I started looking through my Kit of Many Wonders (Felix the Cat's "bag of many tricks" was actually inspired by my bike toolkit) and was pleased to see that I had a chain widget on my multi-tool, a Crank Brothers Multi-17, so I had options.

My friend R pulled up just as I began my surgery, and we were able to reconnect the chain (minus two links). I was amazed that we managed the repair, and that the re-assembed chain did so well afterwards. I think the only loss of function is that I'm unable to select large-front-chainring and large-rear-cassette, because the newly shortened chain just isn't long enough to cover both of them. I could not have made the repair without having the tool.

Continued south-east with R for a bit, then continued alone to FarmHouse coffee at MP32. Pleased to see a lot of available seating outside of FarmHouse. Dismayed to realize the seats were open because Farmhouse was closed; sign on the window gave the new hours, Mon-Fri 0630-1200; Saturday 0800-1400. I hope everything is OK with those folks, it's a great shop.

Departed on the reverse leg. It was a pretty uneventful trip and the chain didn't provide any problems. Trail conditions were excellent, improved over the last time I was out this way. I noticed a new shelter and (I believe) a new water fountain at MP13.1 which is a great location.

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