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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mountain View, Moffett Field, Miles Davis

9/2/2013 37m
Rode around Mountain View and Moffett Field today. Found this mural, Under The Sun, by Mohamed Soumah, on California Ave at Mimosa Lane in Palo Alto:

I saw some interesting signage to discourage bicycle salmoning (riding against the flow of traffic). These are the front-view and back-view of street signs I saw today, I think it's brilliant to use the space on the back of an installation to inform people going the wrong way. We certainly have enough "wrong way" signs for drivers of cars.

Went down to the Google Campus. I wasn't exactly sure of my coordinates but then I saw this. I kind of wanted to stop in and ask directions, but I figured I wouldn't be the first and so I skipped it.

Also, it seems like they have G-Bikes on the Google campus.

Rode on a tremendous trail network all around Moffett and some of the local neighborhoods. As I came out and started riding back into town, I came upon a UU Church and took a photo of their labyrinth and a billboard with a message:

And this is a close-up of the message board, which I thought was excellent:

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