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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pittsburgh had Margo Lovelace and Puppets way before the Duck

9/29/2013 #225 28m
We've been fortunate to have eight days of magnificent weather. Would be great for a multi-day trip.

Started at the Bastille. Having learned that the mural we photographed the other day at 5583 Ellsworth is titled "Remembering Margo Lovelace", we stopped at the Children's Museum (on free-RAD day!) to photograph the portions of her collection that are on display. Margo Lovelace was a major factor in American puppetry.

Pleased to encounter P-B on the NorthSide and his #WhipperSnapper bike. Took Federal Street to the 6th Street Bridge. In downtown, a driver in front of us was holding his camera up and out of the moonroof to take pictures of us, then he explained he's a diabetic and liked my RedRider jersey.

Took Sixth out to Grant, and then Grant Street around town to the Jail Trail, avoiding the fairly large crowd at the Point for the Duck.

Crossing the Hot Metal Bridge, was very pleased to see a 45' boat and about a dozen people walking around the new lower levels by the river. When we rode over there, somewhat displeased to see that the lower level is fenced off and you can't get there, except (1) you can access the space from the park under the Birmingham Bridge, and (2) people have cut a big hole in one of the fences. They should open this space.

I subsequently contacted the URA, and they say this area will be open for next spring. They don't have a contract or procedure for operating the dock yet. I think reality is out in front of their procedure.

Continued along the Baldwin Trail, Sandcastle Trail, down to the Pump House. There were a lot of people on the trail, as you'd expect on such a pretty weekend, but it wasn't congested.

Stopped at Mitchell's Fish Mark for calamari and mussels, very good. Saw Joanne-P as she rode by.

Returning via the west bank of the Allegheny, met Marko who rode with us up to the Ft. Pitt bridge. Took the bridge into Point State Park, saw the throng and got out of there. The NorthShore across from the Duck was pretty packed, with parked cars blocking a lane of traffic.

My only concern as a cyclist is all the drivers and pedestrians are Duck-watching and not really focusing on Not Killing Me, so it's a sub-optimal environment.

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