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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Escort Service For Two

9/22/2013 #228 46m
Had the pleasure today of riding with J&K, a pair of cyclists from the Baltimore metro area. They came to Pittsburgh, spent four days exploring the city, and departed on the GAP today. #TrailEconomicImpact

We rode from the Point, out Blvd of the Allies, the Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge, and thence the GAP. I think that Pittsburgh, the trails, and the local riders all showed well. They seemed pleased at the trails and the sights.

We rode together to the top of the Durabond Bypass, parted ways and reversed. Stopped to eat at Mitchell's Fish Market, just because they've been awesome about putting out water coolers on the bike trail behind the restaurant and you've just got to support that kind of thinking.

Noticed that AEO-Southside has it's annual October bra display, commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month by advertising their Aerie line of adolescent hyper-sexualized brasieres. (just saying).

Coming back across downtown and the NorthSide, encountered lots of tailgaters and Steelers fans but it was still a pretty easy transition, just slow. 46 miles and a very nice ride.

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