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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pie in a Jar: Walden Trailside Cafe on the Panhandle Trail

9/28/2013 #225 17m
Rode with K from McDonald to Burgettstown along the Panhandle Trail on a beautiful day.

Stopped at Walden's Trailside Cafe, adjacent to the Panhandle Trail. Omelettes and sweet potato fries, and then apple pie in a form factor I haven't seen before: Pie in a Jar

We arrived at the conclusion of the Homecoming Day Parade, so there was a bit of a flurry going on. Everything was excellent. I think that every staffer there asked if they could fill our water bottles as they passed by our table. Signs up, "cyclists always welcome - charge your cellphone, fill your bottles, etc". Wow.

17 miles.

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