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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boggs, Burgettstown for Walden's and a bikenap, Oakdale

9/24/2013 39m #228
OK, first: 90 days until Christmas. You're welcome.

Started at Boggs, my favorite Montour Trail trailhead. Exited at MP17/McDonald and switched to the Panhandle Trail, which does not require a transfer. Looks like they're rebuilding part of the connector trail.

Rode the Panhandle west to Burgettstown. Saw a rafter of turkeys (had to look that up) and an unexpected number of little yellow butterflies. Stopped at Walden's Cafe for an omelette, they have excellent food there and it's adjacent to the trail. Very bike friendly.

Departed Walden's, rode a very short while on a beautiful, cloudless, sunny day and saw a bench. A bikenap ensued for about a half-hour, very pleasant.

Resumed riding, continued east beyond the Montour Trail and rode to Oakland. Oakland is very car-busy at 5pm. Reversed, and in MCDonald I departed the trail and used the local roads to go directly to the Montour Trail entrance.

An uneventful six miles back to Boggs and the car that was still there, and done. 39 miles and a very nice ride.

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