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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Murals and Bumpers and Blimps Oh My

9/07/2013 28m 232#
Started at the Bastille at 0745. Kind of a cool morning, rocking the wool long-sleeve sweater.

Rode Ft Duquesne Bridge, Ft Pitt Bridge, southside to 18th Street, then rode up 18th Street to the top. This is a climb that just keeps going.

Rode into Knoxville to get a picture of this just-finished mural on Marland Street and Brownsville Road:

Stopped in Allentown to see this new 2013 mural by Lucas Stock at 813 Industry Street:

Usually we descend from the top via the northwest end of Mt. Washington, but today we descended 18th Street. That was very pleasant, a consistent reasonable sustained descent. I really enjoyed that.

We rode out past Sandcastle to Costco. The Irish festival was supposed to be going on at Riverplex, but we were too early for it.

Rode over to Thick Bikes, looking for a patch kit for an Ortlieb dry bag. Encountered RedDan, who offered me a Tenacious Tape Patch out of his kit. Total gentleman + Total Cyclist = RedDan. OUtside of Thick Bikes we saw a tremendous hack, they're putting old used tires to use as bumpers on the ubiquitous Bike Pgh-Three Rivers bike racks:

Overhead there was a blimp, probably out of Akron and the Goodyear facility, which I'm told has to do with the impending release of a sequel to the movie, Despicable Me.

Crossed the Smithfield Street Bridge, and the Ft Pitt Bridge back to the Bastille. 28 miles on a magnificent day.

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