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Sunday, September 8, 2013

But Wait, There's More!

9/08/2013 15m 232#
Started riding in Millvale with S, destined for Etna.

Enroute through Lawrenceville S looked over her shoulder and said, New mural! It astounds me that after all the murals we've documented, we still find more by JRA (just riding around). This is on the side of Moose Lodge 581, at 120 51st Street in Lawrenceville. Very nice.

Saw a pair of handcuffs locked to a BikePgh bike rack on Butler Street:

At first I thought, maybe there was more going on in this block's tavern than there would appear to be, but then I realized that these were MasterLock "street cuff" bike locks.

We continued along the south shore of the Allegheny River and then took the lane across the 62nd Street Bridge and rode into Etna, searching for a mural on Sullivan Place by Daugherty Veteran's Field. It's very well done:

Came back across the 62nd Street Bridge, into Friendship, and checked on a small community garden where Octavia has been installed. We've heard something new was underway.

We were delighted to come across a work in progress by Laura Jean McLaughlin that appears to be some sort of a sea-creature, possibly similar to a Loch Ness beastie:

After all that effort, we repaired to Whole Foods for some omelettes. Then we headed over to the Children's Art Gallery at 5020 Penn to see their new mural.

I have to admit, this one I wasn't feeling, I didn't grok it, we weren't speaking to each other.

Next we went to see a recent mural on a restaurant, the Avenue B Bistro at 5501 Centre Avenue:

Finally we went to see a mural at a private residence by Sean Coffey.

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