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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Effective Cat 6 Passing Technique

9/11/2013 27m 229#
Started with S at the Bastille at 1100 on a hot day. Not as hot as yesterday, and there was an overcast providing some relief.

Rode to the Pump House on the trail in Homestead. Met Big Steve passing through Keystone Metals.

After we turned around at the Pump House and got back on the Baldwin Trail, an avid cyclist who had worked up quite a sweat passed us. Unfortunately, the white panel on the back of his bike shorts had been rendered transparent by some nasty trifecta of lighting, sweat, and wear; we were treated to a terrible demo of MAMIL ass cleavage. His plumber would have been proud.

It's a very effective Cat. 6 technique; it just makes you slow down and allow the avid cyclist to accelerate briskly out of view. Nobody is going to speed up and pass this guy.

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