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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crank Candy 2 Pedals and Dreamfields Diabetic Pasta

06-01-11 #229 26 miles

Rode 26 miles on the Montour Trail. (979 for 2011, coming up on 1K miles) Nice day.

Uneventful ride, saw 1 wild turkey and 1 wild deer.

Had a great thing happen: my left pedal, which has been acting a little strange every now and then, started clicking, groaning, and coming apart. While this is not generally a sought-after situation, tomorrow I'm going on a long ride and it would have been a real PITA out in

I can't complain about the pedals. This set, Candy's by Crank Brothers, is about ten years old. About five years ago the right one failed. I mailed it back to Crank Brothers, they rebuilt it and sent it back gratis. After ten years the left one failed, with probably seven or eight thousand miles of Clydesdale stress on it. I'll probably send it back hoping for a rebuild and then I'll have a spare set of scrounge pedals.

Went over to REI and was smitten by a pair of Crank Brothers Candy 2 pedals, they were a bit pricey but if I get ten years out of these (like I did my original pair) it's a bargain. I'm just glad the thing failed today and not tomorrow on my planned trip.

For dinner I enjoyed Dreamfields Pasta for the first time. It's a "diabetic's pasta" with a very low glycemic index. It tasted very good, no indication that it was a special product or a health food.

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