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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sat 6/11 Twenty Miles

sat 221
Sat 6/11/11 #221 20miles

Kind of a light day, 20 miles. Rode around the city with M. and S. from the TourDeCure TeamRed. Very nice ride. Rode the Pittsburgh river trails. Was surprised to see an outdoor yoga class at Southside Works. Sometimes having a drone seems like a good idea; saw an aerial billboard circling downtown advertising an alt-lifestyle chatroom. Took the Strip District Trail to the 31st Street Bridge; it was cool having the bridge (which is closed to most traffic) to ourselves. Stopped in Pamela's of Millvale for breakfast.

6/11/11 Week 23    this week: 180 miles   [2nd quarter: 991 ]    2011: 1307

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