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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Coffee Ride

6/25/11 #220.6 34m
Rode 34 miles with R. Nice day. We rode down to FarmHouse Coffee, my favorite trailside indy coffee shop, I had a Espresso Machiatto with an Extra Shot and half a cheese danish, mmm mmm good.

On the way down we saw a through-bicyclist breaking camp from an overnight stop, that was cool. I've been continuing to nag at my dashboard organization, I think it's coming along. An older lady cyclist at Farmhouse Coffee found my assembly of geegaws somewhat amusing.

This was a 100-mile-week, and I crossed 1500 miles year-to-date.
Week 25
this week: 115 miles   [2nd quarter: 1227 ]    2011: 1543

In the news: TB shot (BCG) and spleen for Type1 Diabetes?

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