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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alberto Contador Stopped by Gendarmes for No Lights

06/16/11 #222

We reject schadenfruede in all its ugly versions, but we do believe that Freds (bicyclists with a penchant for gadgets and who proceed without regard to fashion or trend) everywhere are chuckling at this bit of news: Alberto Contador stopped by police for riding in dark tunnels without lights on his bicycle.

In the NY Times: Alberto Contador, the three-time Tour de France champion, was pulled over during a training ride in the Alps by a French police officer for cycling without lights. Contador’s spokesman, Jacinto Vidarte, said the officer told the cyclist that he needed to be visible on the road, the famous Galibier pass, which snakes down through dark tunnels.
  • Chapeau! to the gendarme who stood his ground with the VIP
  • I see a gig as a bike light spokesman in Contador's palmares

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