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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pittsburgh Urban Trails

06/20/11 #226 24m
Rode 24 miles on the Pittsburgh city trails today. Started at the Western Pen, got a flat after a mile, fixed the flat, continued along the Allegheny to Millvale, reversed course. Ran into Curt and some friends on a group ride, that was a pleasant surprise. There was a lot of foot traffic around the stadiums at 6pm, due to the Pirates game. Took the Ft. Duquense and Ft. Pitt bridges, stopped at Station Square for a little shopping, rode to SouthSideWorx and enjoyed a Subway sandwich. (Subway rocks for food and water bottle refills.) It looks like the trail below HofBrauHaus could be open any day now; I suspect they need to put railings on the trail over the cutouts for river access. Back to Station Square, back across two bridges, back to the Pen. Very nice ride.

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