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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday: No Ride, Some Kit Planning

6/19/11 #226

Didn't ride today, the time just didn't work out. Cycling (as opposed to running) does take up blocks of time.

I spent a little time bike-obsessing and window-shopping. I've recently become aware of how well prepared my riding buddies are, because I've had events where I've needed something and they always seem to have the right thing in their bag.

Bike Kit is the term broadly used to refer to a cyclist's clothing, usually identifying the team, the sponsor, or the country of origin. The phrase comes from "field kit", meaning the uniforms and equipment a soldier would carry on his person. The uniforms I'm not interested in, but I'm increasingly interested in what I should be carrying on the bike.

Last week I cut my finger open while kludging a tire boot, and K. had neosporin and bandaids. M. came to the rescue with some antihistamine he carries.

Last Friday we encountered a bicyclist who had taken a rough tumble, and we ended up calling 911. I don't carry any first-aid supplies, but I can see now that I should. There are quite a few suggestions of home-made kits that seem to revolve around empty Altoids tins, and there are some pre-made kits.

I don't intend to get into carrying survival gear - generally, I'm not that far from civilization and cellphone coverage - but I think a good first aid kit is appropriate.

I also did a bit of dashboard planning - I've removed my largish GPS from my aerobars, which frees up room for my bell, computer, and AirZounds. I'm going to move a few things around.

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