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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shermer's Neck

5/31/11 #227

No bicycle riding today; obligations and schedules conspired against me.

Shermer's Neck is named for Michael Shermer, a competitive biyclist (and founder of the Skeptic Society) who developed neck pain and weakness which left him unable to hold his head up.

Michael Shermer grudgingly gave his name to this malady during the 1983 RAAM on his approach to Harrier, IL, nearly 2,000 miles into the race. His head felt heavy and the back of his neck was increasingly sore. He described it as, "a quick melt down." His head dropped, making it impossible for him to look up. Cradling his chin in the palm of one hand with his elbow on the padding of his aerobars, he supported his head well enough to finish the race. Despite excruciating pain during the event, his neck was back to normal within two days.

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