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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wed 6/08 14 miles

06/08/11 #224
14 miles

forecast 95F today
My lurching, non-granular morning wasn't very productive (except for taking my LHT to the LBS with a list of about 8 tweaks), and I wanted to get a good ride in. I had planned to meet my friend J (who had gotten a day off today) on the other side of town for coffee, so I left two hours prior to the meeting on my road bike.

BIG MISTAKE. This route includes the hill I find most challenging. If I have a "Jaws", a hill representing insatiable death, it's the Ninth Street climb. I walked about half of the climb, and after that I was pretty well cooked. I added drinks at a convenience store, but I was done for and so I begged a ride home from J.

My Surly LHT has a gear-inch calculation ranging from 16 to 113.
My Trek1100 road bike has a gear-inch calculation ranging from 19 to 108.
I really missed the LHT granny-gear when I was struggling up that hill today.

One nice thing about riding in 93F is that the honey in the packets flows quite smoothly.

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