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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 28 miles; Bicycle Sabbatical; June mileage

Thu 6/30/11 #222

Rode 28 miles in the city this afternoon: Chateau Street Trail, Heinz Trail to Millvale, back to the Stadia, Ft. Duq bridge, Strip Trail to 24th Street and back to the Point, Mon Whorf Trail (saw two bike police officers), Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge, Baldwin Trail (saw two more bike police officers), stopped at SouthSideWorks Subway, Station Square, Ft. Pitt Bridge, Ft. Duq Bridge, return to Western Penitentiary.

I think the reason I felt off yesterday, and was a little bit off today, was that I had a shingles vaccination on Wednesday.

It was a great day to ride downtown, and it was good to get an urban ride in before the Regatta crowds begin.

Last day of June, I'm real pleased with having got a lot of mileage in, 734 miles for the month. I took a three-week sabbatical from work to get to that mileage and I really enjoyed it.

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