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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Panhandle Trail: Bikes, Breakfast, Beer

Dec.31, 2016 25m
Dec eom:266 2016 eoy:3079
I was fortunate today to meet KC at McDonald and we rode out on the Panhandle Trail together. We had hoped for a bit of snow and there was just a little bit as we rode west on the paved trail in Washington County.

We rode to Burgettstown and Walden's Family Restaurant for coffee and breakfast. Excellent as always. When we came back out, I opted to let some air out of my tires because it had been a wee bit slippy on the first leg.

I think I let out too much air, because the tire was pretty flat and it was a lot of work to move the bike. Finally, just south of the Cataney Airfield, we stopped so I could I pump some air back into the tire and cycling became fun again. #LearningCurve

We continued beyond McDonald, into Allegheny County where the trail is unpaved and had a bit more snow on the surface, which was closer to what we were hoping for. We rode to Oakdale and stopped at trailside Helicon Brewing, which does indeed have bike parking thank you very much!

Back on the bikes, back to McDonald in a bit of sleet-snow that left us convinced we were getting off the trail at the right time. A nice way to end the year, with a bike-breakfast-beer outing.

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