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Sunday, December 25, 2016

MMM... Crossing some sort of a low-threshold which seems even less significant in roman numerals

Dec.25, 2016 25m
Dec mtd:189 ytd:3002
It was a fairly mild afternoon, around 38F, and it was a Christmas Steelers game so the streets were pretty quiet.

I needed 23 more miles to cross 3000 miles for the year, which seemed like some sort of a quantum level, so I rode from the Residence out to Moon Township and back. Got back in the dark. I'm sure some of the drivers thought: crazy guy got a bike for Christmas.

I have a page where I track my annual mileage but I'm not really a person who plans his miles, and I suppose that's why I don't really achieve them.

2016: 3002 miles
2015: 2872 mils
2014: 5839 miles
2013: 5525 miles
2012: 7044 miles
2011: 4511 miles
2010: 2004 miles

2009: Don't tell.
2008: Don't ask
2007: 300 miles

2006: 2796 miles
2005: 2484 miles

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