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Thursday, December 8, 2016

40? Sure 55? Meh!

Mon Dec.5 2016 18m
thur 12.8 18
Dec mtd:60 ytd:2872

Monday, 40F, I met GC in McDonald and rode the paved Pandhandle Trail to Walden's Restaurant, trailside in Burgettstown. Omelettes, coffee: perfect. The weather was great. When I go out riding in 40F and have a good time, I regret all the days I passed on days of 55 because of some fickle sense of insufficient warmth.

Which brings to mind Yehuda Moon (hat-tip Monica):

Wednesday, I came across a tweet from somebody who has a few of these vests. "I need one", I said. We worked out a PayPal thing and it's on it's way. (I got the Honk if you like bikes version). You could reach out to @EthicalPaul on Twitter if you're interested.


Thursday I took my van to the shop. Rode home without my Buff in 20F, very cold. Later in the day I rode (with my buff, this time) over to Rochester and back; very comfy. It's amazing the changes that little bits of equipment can make.

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