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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bikespreading in Aspinwall

Dec. 20, 2016 25m
Dec mtd:142 ytd:2955
I am getting better at the ECR thing, although today in two separate events I smacked my handlebars into the rear-view mirrors of cars - one parked, one while filtering through stopped traffic. I do need to improve at that.

I parked my car in Millvale. Rode out to Aspinwall, where there's some feelings and signage about where the access road to a new bike park is going to be.

I thought about editing the sign to the effect of: ROADS you can't TEXT in them, you can't CALL in them, you can't KILL in them but I'm just exhausted in terms of political discussion.

You've heard of manspreading?

This is what bikespreading looks like:

Departed A-wall, rode into downtown. Out the Jail Trail, Junction Hollow, saw a woman practicing long kicks into the soccer net. Why don't soccer fields come with ball returns like bowling alleys? Rode Oakland, Shadyside. Seen: TR. Penn Ave, Allegheny Cemetery (deer!), 40th Street Bridge, back to the van just before sunset.

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