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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ECR second snow ride

Dec.14, 2016 16m
Dec mtd:79 ytd:2891
Thursday, I parked the car in Shadyside. Ran some errands, rode the ECR to Keystone Metals on the SouthSide Trail. Really enjoyed the ride in the snow, especially where there was a bit of undisturbed snowfall. The bike needs pogies, though, in temperatures this low.

I was pleased to see that the Gift-Giving for the homeless folks is underway again, this photo is on the SouthSide trail under the 10th Street bridge:

I've been doing some studying on what tire pressure to run for the snow. Seems pretty clear that you can't set the pressure inside (a heated building) and then consider that reliable outside. This link seems to offer a scientific approach, or at least a quantified approach - which for me, results in {31 front, 33 rear} for normal road riding, {11 front, 12 rear} for packed snow or dirt, and {8.5 front, 9.5 rear} for soft snow.

Rode over to a public meeting about the Ft.Pitt Blvd Bike Lane, connecting the GAP Trail from Smithfield Street to Point State Park. I thought the city planning staff did a lot of good work, and they also did a good job of running a contentious meeting (with property owners objecting to the loss of car parking spaces for the bike lanes).

Rode back to the car after the meeting, this time with chemical handwarmers in my gloves. Big difference.

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