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Thursday, December 29, 2016

new and improved Mythic Source

Thurs Dec.29, 2016 16m
Dec mtd:241 ytd:3054
Parked the car in Millvale. Rode to Tupelo Honey Teas, to get a resupply for home. Excellent shop, nice people. Saw an interesting map from the Pittsburgh Tea Association:

That's got to be kind of a textbook demonstration of how Bike Access Matters. Put in a parking lot at a bike trailhead. Install sharrows and "bikes may use full lane" signs. New shops open. A cyclist from 20 miles away parks, bikes to a local shop, shops and spends.

Rode along the North Side. Passed through the rebuilt Allegheny Landing almost without realizing: hey it's open! it's smooth! It's much better.

This lower monument is called Mythic Source by Ned Smyth. It's the companion piece to Piaza Lavoro just up the hillock, which is probably the Pittsburgh's biggest collection of naked people in public art (possibly followed by Joy of Life, by Virgil Cantini)

Rode Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt Bridge, first time I've done that in a while. Encountered PaulH and YaleC.

Stopped at Thick Bikes to look at and agonize over pedals. I need pedals on my LHT, can't decide. They have some new frame stickers, I really appreciate their spirit. They also have just acquired some cloth patches, suitable for attaching to panniers and bags n'at:

Rode to Big Dog Coffee. Pourover with two shots of espresso. Amazing.

Rode back via Eliza Furnace, Stanwix, Penn Ave bike lane. I think Stanwix will be a challenge to the Ft.Pitt Blvd bike lane project. Crossed the 16th Street Bridge, rode the trail to Millvale.

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