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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Squirrel Hills and Eagle Lake

Thurs Dec.22 2016 22m
Dec mtd:164 ytd:2977
Started today at SouthSide Riverfront Park. Rode over to Golden Triangle Bike to pick up some supplies; back to Southside, then out to Shadyside.

I think I've got the pogies (Cobrafist from 45Nrth, which just sounds like the name of a Bruce Lee movie) dialed in. I had some problems with the foam inserts, and keeping the pogies wrapped around the inserts. I had a cobbler stitch some velcro to the inside cuff of the pogies, and attached some opposite-velcro to the foam inserts, and now it seems pretty ship-shape.

Rode across Squirrel Hill, which - I think - is actually a series of Hills. I may start referring to the locale as Squirrel Hills. They're redding-up for the Holidays, too.

Took Murray Ave and Browns Hill Road (which is phonetically just too close to Brownsville Road) to Homestead, then took the trail to Sandcastle and Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake (kudos Paul H) is the area below the Keystone Metals eagle viewing platform, which has been flooded for a recent while.

Stopped at Big Dog Coffee, which I haven't visited for a while. Some very nice dogs were visiting. Major coffee excellence going on.

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