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Monday, January 2, 2017

Drizzle fo' Shizzle and EastAsia n'at

Jan 2, 2017 15 m
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I do not know how to dress for 45F. I never have.

This afternoon's rain never really stopped as much as it transitioned into drizzle fo shizzle. Between the warm temps, the presence of a lot of melted-snow-moisture in the ground, and the low winds it was kind of a gray day and it turned into a bit of a low-visibility afternoon. Still, it was 45F.

I rode the LHT out to Five Points in Hopewell. I usually avoid Broadhead Road, because it's congested and single-lane, with lots of businesses but I thought it was more prudent than Route 51 with it's high speeds. So I rode Broadhead to Five Points, and it worked well. Everybody played nice.

I was so over-warmed when I got to Five Points that I pulled into McD to get a cold drink and cool off. Changed to lightweight gloves. I definitely should have been wearing a light (rather than a medium) wool sweater. There are two lasting truths:

  • We have always been at war with EastAsia
  • I don't know how to dress for 45F

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  1. Hi, This is Tim we meet last year on the on the Montour trail after the bridge opening at Rt.980&50. have you ever rode on the Wheeling trail, me and a friend rode from wheeling to wellsburg and back, round trip about 38 miles. The trail is blacktop! Its a great trail especially in winter when the limestone is too soft. And then center market in wheeling for colemans fish. I enjoy your blog. Happy New year!