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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Second Spring

11.11.2014 25m
Conditions today were like 68F and sunny and calm wind. Fantastic for Nov.11th. Driving through Moon Township on my way in to the city, I rolled out behind this cyclist demonstrating excellent lane control. Very nice!

Started at the Bastille in the mid-afternoon with R, who needed to accomplish a coffeeneuring stop. There were so many people outside enjoying the weather.

Met S outside the casino. Then we took the 6th Street Bridge to the Penn Ave Bike lanes, enroute to Tazza D'Oro. We took Liberty out to Bloomfield (to avoid the Penn closure) then cut across to Penn Ave and rode out to Negly and Highland.

Tazzo D'Oro is just wonderful. R had a drink (maybe it was a stigmata? but I don't think so) with a cookie and I had a cappuccino and scone. Totally tremendous.

We were sitting outside, watching the world walk by, when I evaluated the group of eight Old Guys sitting at the other tables. Then I realized, the only difference between us and them was a small matter of degree. Then they started talking with us and I became afraid we might blend in and never escape and become AARP regulars.

Departed and somehow found our way to Junction Hollow and the Hot Metal Bridge. Notably the transition from REI and street-level SouthSideWorks (SSWx?) and the trail is now CLOSED, CLOSED and YOU CAN'T USE IT. And the detour is pretty much, GO RIDE ON THE SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF AMERICAN EAGLE, which can't be very optimal.

Went to Thick Bikes so R could try some panniers on his new front racks and saw this Dad and Daughters checking out a bakfiets-type bike. It looked like a lot of fun.

Met RR at Thick. We rode across the Hot Metal Bridge right about sunset. I've never noticed the dynamic light show from atop the Gulf Building before.

Rode the Jail Trail inbound. I always enjoy riding contraflow around sunset this time of year, riding inbound while the Actual Commuters ride outbound from work, because you get to see such amazing lighting on their bikes. The technology has so improved over the last few years.

25 miles.


  1. Beautiful ride. I really am envious of the climate where you are. I'd gladly trade my 30F for it!

  2. The lighting atop the Gulf Building has become more dynamic over the years. I was once able to interpret the signal without referring to the internet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_Tower#Lighting