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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Major Taylor

11.29 15m

Got to ride with my wife Karen and my neighbor Jack and we joined the PMTCC ride celebrating Major Taylor's birthday. The PMTCC season usually ends in October, plus the Nov. birthday ride.

This was a great ride. All the PMTCC rides start on time, follow the briefed route, very safe and well-organized, drama free, and end as scheduled. PMTCC ride leaders really have their act together.

From Performance Bikes in East Liberty we rode across Squirrel Hill into Greenfield, down to the Jail Trail, across Grant Street, the Penn Ave bike lane and then the Strip District, out Penn Avenue, Bloomfield and Baum Ave back to East Liberty. 15 miles of excellent riding.

While we were on the Jail Trail, I was pleased we encountered Mary Shaw and Roy Weil on their tandem recumbent. I congratulated Mary on recently receiving the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama for "For pioneering leadership in the development of innovative curricula in Computer Science." - how cool is that?

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