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Monday, November 17, 2014

Cold, Dark, Windy : No Flat Tires

11.17.2014 20m
Started off today by cleaning up the signs and balloons along the Ghost Bike route. Took this picture of the final positioning of the Ghost Bike:

Each orange ribbon conveys a message from a cyclist, motorcyclist, or family member from the Memorial Ride.

Started riding at the Bastille on Westhall Street and I noticed: hey, that's new or maybe I've just been completely non-observant.

That's a Dero FixIt station and a Dero Air Kit 3. The cement looks new. Very very nice.

Rode to BikePgh to return some vests and flags I'd borrowed for the weekend Ghost Bike Ride. Thanks BikePgh!

Climbed up the cemetery, stopped at Banker Supply to talk about Hannukah. (seriously). Asked Nick and Chas for a recommendation of a place to get something to eat, and they said: Casa Rasta! Boy was that good advice.

Steak taco, chorizo taco, coconut rice. Very good, I'll be back.

Went over to East Liberty Blvd to live-tweet a conversation between the new police chief and the community. That was a very cool event. Most cool was that I got to meet Brandi Fisher IRL.

After the event, encountered a very stiff west wind (headwind). It was dark and cold and windy and I am so grateful for my tires and not having a flat in those conditions.

This was my first hard-dark night time ride with my new Expillion 850 headlamp. Two words: very effective. Also very effective: my light wool buff, it really changes the dynamic of core temperature. Used my Wombat gloves tonight, and they were barely sufficient.

This was my first genuinely cold ride this fall. All the puddles and water runoff were frozen. Perhaps winter is more than a rumor.


  1. Those Dero stations seem like a great idea!

  2. Vannevar, you sure do find some good lookin' food along your bike routes. I always know that I can find some appetizing pics on this blog. Good biking and good eating. Thanks for the great posts.