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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyclisme sans Toilettes; 31 Days until Icycle Bicycle

11.30.2014 39m
Although the forecast wasn't calling for it, the day provided wonderful weather: 60F and overcast, which is pretty great for cycling.

Today there is a home Steelers game, and the streets and trails were preternaturally quiet and nearly post-apocalyptic.

Rode out to Kennywood and back on the Steel Valley Trail.

Very disappointed to see that the fountain in Point State Park is turned off. Even more disappointed that the bathrooms at the Pump House are locked closed, and the porta-potties under the Birmingham Bridge are removed. What, is the need different in the winter?

Manuevered back via the 16th Street Bridge, hoping to outmanuever tailgating rowdies but there weren't any.

Only 31 days until Icycle Bicycle.

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