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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Privileged Dread of Discomfort

11.12.2014 Wed 11m
Riding temperatures Tuesday were 65 and today was 32 and it was just hard (internally) to not use the van and to use the bike instead. Ugh, the first-world dread of minor discomfort.

I didn't quite have all my gear in the right place, so it was putzing for this, looking for that. I never did find the little velcro strap for my trouser-leg. And each time I went looking for something, the warm car beckoned.

I pushed off on the bike and I am so glad I did. About 13 seconds into the ride I knew it was the right choice to use the bike to get to work. It always feels great once I get going.

I've been tweaking the route. Today I found the shortest (distance) path, 5.5 miles.

Departed at 6.30. I love riding at night. It's a lot like night flying, in that you have to be proficient with the bike and know where everything is, and nighttime is more intolerant of small errors. Lot of fun.

11 miles.

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