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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ghost Bike Prep

Nov 10, 2014 15m
Today was an awfully pretty day. Spent some time in the morning prepping a Ghost Bike (see related PG article for an upcoming memorial ride. It was very nice of Ben Yogman to donate the bike.

Full disclosure: the dog already has a white nose. I did not paint the dog.

This is a press release for the Ghost Bike Ride.

From Toronto blog, Biking In A Big City, a photo of a banner they deploy with their Ghost Bikes.

Rode to a meeting at a client's office. As I was going out, the next appointment was walking in and I asked, "Did you drive here? and he said Yes, rather stumped. Small amusements go a long way.

Rode to work, took a shortcut via an Interstate Bridge. There was a state trooper parked on the shoulder on the other side of the road. I thought they might come around after me but they didn't. I chalked that up to luck. Although, a ticket would be a cool thing to have, but I could spend the money on bicycle stuff instead.

After work, departed at 6:30 pm. It is dark outside now at 6:30 pm. I lost my best headlight during yesterday's ride, so I made due with my backup headlight and the head-lamp I have on my helmet. No problem.

I took the long and calm way home. It's awesome to bike to work.

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  1. The new lights on the Gulf Tower are also a weather station: certain colors on specific floors relate to temp, wind speed, humidity and pressure. They also flash black and gold patterns when local sports teams do goal/touchdown/sporty things. It was also pink during October for cancer awareness. There's a lot going on up there!