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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Saylé Service Soirée Banker Supply

11.6.2014 19m
I had a chance this afternoon to attend a board meeting of the Ohio River Trail Council, which was very interesting. The Ohio River Greenway Trail will begin in Coraopolis (near the Montour Trail) and run northwest along the Ohio River, through Aliquippa and Monaca, then Rochester-Beaver and west to Midland. It's very exciting.

Doubly valuable considering that in the last 15 months, we've seen two young people (18 and 23) killed while riding on PA State Bike Route A, a/k/a Route 51, at bridge crossings. This is not to say that we should take bikes off roads, but rather to say that maybe a 55mph, four-lane limited access highway isn't a great bike route and it would be so rational to have an alternative.

I got off to a late start in the evening, started riding in darkness and a light intermittent drizzle-schizzle. Rode to Banker Supply in East Liberty for the rollout party for Sayle Service.

Sayle Service, Banker Supply, photo by: not me

Sayle Service intends to introduce a new orientation in bicycle service. A lot of what they're going to be doing isn't presented elsewhere: fleet service, loaner bikes, pre-dawn and after-hours pickup/dropoff. The name Sayle Service is an Anglo-derivative of the French Celerifere, the first bicycle ever made.

Nice cool-temp ride back in light drizzle. The downtown core sure looks pretty at night. I wish Nick and Chas all the best in their business endeavor; they're creative, innovative NextBurgh risk-takers.

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