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Friday, November 28, 2014

Riding in the Buff, Lean Pictures

Fri 11.28.2014 15m
I didn't ride on Thanksgiving so I had to get out on Friday. I planned to ride with my neighbor first thing in the morning, but there was snow and ice and roadways were being closed, so it seem prudent to defer.

Later in the day I was to meet a friend for coffee, so - opportunity! I rode over to the Beaver Starbucks. Afterwards, coming out of Beaver I noticed my chain was noisy so I pulled into the park in Bridgewater for a chain lube session and bike-lean photo:

It was about 32F for my rides. I am fortunate to have great, warm, dry shoes and gloves and I am so beholden to my wool buff. I love riding in the buff.


Coming through Monaca I saw these new golden dragons outside of a former bank which is about to open as a restaurant in a week. We just don't see too many new things in Monaca, so I had to break the one-lean-photo per ride guideline.

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