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Saturday, October 11, 2014

There's Always Someplace

10/9/2014 33m
Overnighted at the Frostburg Days Inn. Nice place, I'd stay there again. The transition into town and back out to the trail was uneventful.

Before we departed I needed some real caffeine and a nosh, so we checked the web and found Mountain City Coffeehouse and Creamery, just a block from the Depot/Main intersection. How come I never knew about this place?

We had fancy-schmancy coffees and really excellent breakfast sandwiches. Great coffee shop, well worth the ride from the trailhead. The building originally housed a headstone business, Irwin Memorials.

Exiting the coffee shop, found a tract from the Solid Rock Independent Baptist Church wedged between my pannier and the cinch-strap. I guess that's the equivalent of tucking it underneath a car windshield wiper. So, hurrah for bike acceptance I guess.

Rolled out on the trail - down Depot St. down the switchbacks. Once again, there were one or two vehicles alongside the trail between Frostburg and Borden Tunnel, but it was very well marked and no problem at all.

Climbed up to Mt. Savage Vista, great view.

Came out of the Savage Tunnel with 2 more miles to the top, encountered a headwind that would stay with us the rest of the day.

Arrived in Meyersdale at 2.15pm, once again in the Taint Time between GI Dayroom closing and Morguen Toole opening. Ended up going into Take Six, a beer six-pack takeout bar that serves food and it was very good. Hoagies and chili, just right for a cool day on the trail. There's always someplace, I guess, and we were lucky that someplace wasn't too far off course.

The last 12 miles were a lot of work with the headwind, which seemed a greater factor than the descending trail. Back to the Rockwood Trail Shoppes and the van that was still there. Stopped for an ice cream cone.

Very nice foliage ride. Not quite peak colors yet but impressive.

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