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Friday, October 17, 2014

Pittsburgh's Hostel Environment: South Side Traveller's Rest (2015)

10.17.2014 24m
Started at the Bastille, rode to the SouthSide. Stoppped at Thick Bikes to consult on a new drivetrain.

My current granny gear is 20tooth in the front and 34 tooth in the back. If the plan persists, I'll end up with 20t/36t which should give me 115 gear-inches instead of my current 16 g-i granny.

I'm also going to get new derailleur pulleys, a Whipperman chain, three new chainrings and a new cassette. Possibly a new set of bearings for the headset. I really appreciate the way the gurus all pitched in with options and ended up at a best-result final outfit.

Rode back up to 600 Bingham to find the location of the under-construction South Side Traveler's Rest

The SSTR is being developed by the same bike-folks that run Green Gears Pedicabs.

This will be excellent when it opens. There's really no lodging near the trail system for itinerant cyclists that isn't very pricey, and a hostel is just what's needed. When cyclists do come into Pittsburgh, unless they've got a fat bankroll they're in town for one day and they're gone. A hostel will let more people stay for a few days.

Between SSRT (Southside Traveler's Rest) in Pittsburgh, the Hostel on Main in Rockwood, and the 9 Decatur hostel in Cumberland MD, and the Adirondack shelters along the GAP in Connellsville and Cedar Creek Park, there's a lot of new options.

Stopped at PitaPit for something to eat. Rode over to the Schenley Quad for the Flock Ride, which included Kristen Saunders, Pittsburgh's new Bike/Ped Coordinator - that's pretty cool to have a city official out on a Flock Ride (on their Surly, no less!)

I was the happy recipient of a gift from John Marko, one of his prototype U-Lock holders, which I hope becomes a KickStarter product soon. Some people wore Holloween costumes, and I had a few people ask me if I was "riding as Builder Bob" but I had to explain: this is just the way I roll.

This photo is by Joyce Wasser, of the Flock Ride circling in Market Square:

It's much easier to circle the Square than it is to Square the Circle.

This was a great ride in the dark, I really like the way the lane lights up with 50-plus rear blinkies doing their best.

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