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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Verklempt Abandoned Signal House Road Bike Blues, Juggalo Version

10.28.2014 14m
mental health bike rideThis was a day when I really needed to be on my bike - even though I didn't get a very long ride in.

Last Saturday when I was on the Baldwin Borough Trail , from what I could see there were a few guys possibly having a tagging party on the abandoned railroad signal house along the trail, quasi-abeam the American Water Works location, just southeast of Banksville Road and the world famous soft-serve ice cream shop.


Today the access fence was open and there wasn't anybody around, so I decided to take a look at the track-side of a building I've passed a hundred times, but only from the trail-side.

i must admit, I added the clown

I must admit: I added the clown.

I was riding my road bike today, which is not my main squeeze. My LHT is in the shop, getting some (much-needed) expert TLC. I did stop in and visit in; some wonderful stuff had been accomplished on the rear end, and tomorrow's plan is the forward end. I also managed to bike-photobomb a Channel-11 newscast in progress, as I rode my bike down the trail while they were filming in the adjacent trailhead.

It looked like increasing darkness and clouds, so I kept it a pretty short ride - my road bike is sort of a day/dry bike, no fenders etc, so I went back to the start, but only after seeing some Juggalo's enroute to an event at the Rex. Teh interweb said the performers are TwizTid, which perhaps is an Insane Clown Posse cover band.

14 miles.

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