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Sunday, October 5, 2014

John 4:48

10/5/2014 39m #232
Started at the Waterfront and escorted some cyclists from Connecticut out onto the GAP, on the first fairly cold morning of the season.

After we crossed the Yough into PortVue we descended and turned into the shared road segment and - new signs! There's a new sign!

This is exactly the spot where so many transient cyclists have been unable to sustain the belief that they're on the right track, because of the absence of signage. So often you'll see visiting cyclists just stopped here, wondering if they're in the right place and looking for a sign. And now there's a sign! This is so cool.

I stopped at Boston PA and reversed, then crossed the Rankin Bridge, rode into Swissvale and Regent Square and East Liberty (near as I could tell) and generally putzed around a bit then reversed. Nice ride in excellent weather. 39 miles.

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