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Monday, October 13, 2014

Espresso Tasting at Voluto Coffee: Pittsburgh Coffee Week

10.13.2014 29miles
Started at the Bastille riding solo on a very mild day. Rode the Jail Trail and Hot Metal Bridge over to SouthSide because: REI.

Departed and rode out to Sandcastle. Saw a car with a mondo camera mast and assumed, Google Maps on the prowl. Wrong! Bing Maps on the prowl.

Also noted a new (to me) gate in the fence abeam of the soft-serve ice cream shop at Becks Run Road, very close to the water plant facility. Always good to know about.

Down to Sandcastle, reversed, Hot Metal Bridge. Up the Junction Hollow Trail, pacing with another cyclist, possibly my best time ever up the hill to Fifth Avenue.

Rode through East Side and back on Penn Avenue to Voluto Coffee, for the first event in Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week. This was an espresso tasting and educational briefing, and I learned a lot about top- and bottom-segments in espresso and what that tiny spoon is for.

Also, drinking two espresso's at 7.30 at night, I was wired. Made great time inbound on Penn to the bike lanes, and back to the Bastille.

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