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Monday, October 27, 2014

Birmingham Bridge Bike Lane FTW, Holy Homophones, Steel City Time Machine

10.27.2014 18m
Started today under the Birmingham Bridge, which is undergoing a rehab project. The construction equipment is working on the edge of the bridge deck, which is where the bike lane is.

I'm so impressed that instead of just closing the bike lane, they took one car lane and partitioned it as the temporary bike lane. This is a new thing for Pittsburgh.

In Uptown, stopped to check out Sir Samelot at Seneca and Tustin Streets:

On Fifth Avenue, saw this Kyle Holbrook mural which I don't recall seeing before. There's an Autism theme in the images.

Finally got to take an image of the bike box on Penn Ave (inbound) at 16th Street:

Holy Homophones!I was surprised to find myself at 6th Avenue, so I took a picture of it and then later took a picture of Sixth Avenue. This does not seem smart. Don't want to be calling 911 from either of these streets.

Rode out to the 40th Street bridge and back, then the Jail Trail to Hot Metal Bridge. Saw this Steel City Time Machine in SouthSide Works.

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