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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pump House is a Community Center, not a Trail Head (and that's OK)

6.08.12 37m #218
Started at the Bastille at 0900, hoping to be out before the Art Festival folks. Crossed Point State Park before the crowds mustered, Blvd of the Allies, Grant Street, Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge.

Rode out to Sandcastle, took the road around Costco, came upon a big traffic jam with police cars and blinky lights and feared that perhaps a cyclist was down but it turned out to be a dog-walking parade which was a great thing.

Continued out to the Pump House. (Read later in the day that Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area gave this statement:
"Due to the increased traffic at the Pump House and the need to be able to use our space for events, tours, the market, etc. we will be installing gates on the lot sometime within the next few weeks. The lot will be open for trail parking as usual the majority of the time, we will however be reserving the right to close the gates/lot for events. We appreciate your help in making the public aware of these changes."

Rode out past Kennywood to the Riverton Bridge, across the Mon. Stopped for a few minutes then reversed. We missed the scene of the overnight train derailment.

Rode past the Valley of the Shadows of Eagles, saw People With Guns who seemed to be Conservation Officers standing among the Eagle Groupies. 'merica. Encountered Yale Cohen (although I think it's more correct to say, YC encountered me because you don't find Yale, Yale finds you).

Stopped at Big Dog for coffee. Iced coffee thank you, soooooo good. Southside Trail in a downpour which did not kill me but did cause me to miss my rear fender. Ft. Pitt Bridge, saw the Water-Jet-Pack folks flying/operating near Point State Park. Crossed Point State Park only long enough to transition from the Ft.Pitt bridge to the Ft. Duquesne bridge. 37.4 miles.

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