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Thursday, June 26, 2014

3K Recon: WideWater, WMRT &Weavers, Pike2Bike

6.26.2014 45m #219
Today was a Recon Ride with R and S. Drove out to Williamsport MD and checked in with the very helpful NPS, talking about the washout and detour at MP106 (which they say is no problem) then we biked out to see the new C&O Trail segments at Big Slackwater between MP84 and MP88.

The newly opened trail segment, replacing the long-standing road detour, is truly outstanding. Lots of engineering yet it blends with the environment, flows with the river, just wow. We did 8 miles along the Big Slackwater.

Back in the van, drive north to Hancock and ate at Weaver's because that's what you do in Hancock. Rode south to the final interchange between the two trails, then back into town. 20 miles on the WMRT.

Drove to Breezewood, PA and biked the Abandoned Turnpike Trail, or PikeToBike. I haven't been here in about six years; still the same. Remarkably clean and untrashed.

Advice: Ride toward the light. It's 17 miles to ride back-and-forth on the section of the abandoned turnpike available for bike riding.

Crossed 3000 miles so far this year on a great day.

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