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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blue Canary. Such cipher. Much numbers.

6/24/2014 #220 35m
I needed today's ride so much. Departed the Rez via Route51 to Sewickley, came back northwest-bound and stopped at Blue Canary Coffeehouse in Ambridge for Iced Iced Coffee with frozen-coffee icecubes, which just pleases me to infinity.

Great to see another bike out front, second time that's happened. Listened to "Television Personalities" on vinyl and a young man explained it all to me, which was kind of a public service on his part. Continued northwest on Route 65 through Rochester which went well, Route 18 into Monaca, everybody was very nice. 35 miles.

I'm floating pretty consistently in the 28 to 30 position on the Pittsburgh roster of the National Bike Challenge, and it seems like my end-of-June mileage will be 3000 miles, which a quick calculation tells me suggests that my end-of-year mileage might be 6000 miles. High level maths n'at.

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