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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Buzz Jobs, F117s, F18s

6.4.2014 34m #216
Started out at the Bastille, rode over to the South Side and with a sense of ambition that can only be attributed to the early hour set about climbing 18th Street. I did not have the Climbing MoJo today. I certainly packed everything else, but not the climbing mojo.

Rode through Allentown, Grandview Park, and Mount Washington proper. Thought that perhaps fuel was the problem so stopped at The Micro Diner for an omelette. Nice place, good coffee, great omelette.

There doesn't seem to be any bike infrastructure up on top of Mount Washington. Certainly, no bike racks or places to lock up bikes.

Descended via Broswell St, Welsh Way, and South 12th Street which was a lot of fun. Stopped at Thick and REI because: Thick and REI.

Came out of REI, met an itinerant cyclist looking for the trail. I thought I recognized the accent and asked what part of Brooklyn he was from, he said New Jersey. Ha, he thinks New Jersey isn't just a suburb of Brooklyn.

Rode to the Waterfront, into Homestead, up another hill to see It's Your Turn by Ian Green, which is possibly my fave mural. There's just so much in it and it's all so awesome.

Descended down to the Homestead main drag (Eighth Street, I think) and saw this bling-bike-beauty locked up outside a barbershop. It has it all; steering wheel, dually exhausts, "playa" mini-hubcaps, and - like all Pittsburgh vehicles - a Sunoco sticker.

Rode into the Waterfront, stopped at McD to fill up on ice water.

Rode up to Station Square and the Ft Pitt Bridge. A lot of people thought there was going to be a 15-minute set of fly-by's, buzz jobs if you will, by the Blue Angels in F18's. What most people didn't know was that before the Blue Angels, there was a 15-minute demo of the F-117 Stealth Fighter. This is a photo of the formation of F-117 Stealth Fighters over the downtown skyline:

Pretty impressive.

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  1. Ah, yes. *squints* I see the F-117s. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/smart-ass