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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thick Bikes : Very Positive Experience

6.18.2014 9m
I took my SUrly LHT into Thick Bikes for what should have been some meh minor work, and I got it back in much better condition than I expected. I asked them to replace a Problem Solvers "travel agent" that I had damaged, and to tweak some cables. They noticed some small things and inquired if they might make some changes and man-oh-man is this bike riding so much tighter now. Really remarkable.

I did not have my helmet with me, but wanted to ride it anyway. From the 18th St. Riverfront Park I took Hot Metal Bridge, Jail Trail, Point State Park, Smithfield Street Bridge - only 9 miles. The interaction between the cross-brakes and the hood-brakes was tremendous, it had never been that good before.

Also, put on a new pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires, I've worn through another set. Managed to get the front- and rear-racks a bit more square-rigged and I think it's a bit more attractive this way.

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