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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ultimate Trailer Accessory for the Well-Equipped Touring Bike

6.22.2014 #220 32m
Started at, all of places, CMU (where the progeny is spending some time). Rode over to Schenley Quad, down Junction Hollow to Four Mile Run, where I saw the ultimate trailer accessory for the fully equipped Surly Long Haul Trucker:

I mean, with a small chainring of 20-teeth, why not? I believe I saw local cyclist Shequaya B (who is knocking down major mileage on the National Bike Challenge on the Jail Trail, and then I saw BurghMan cycling on the Hot Metal Bridge.

Rode out through the SouthSide Trail. Observed the Eagle Groupies yelling slow down!! en masse at a Cat-6 Strava-cyclist who was probably slightly over the 15mph speed limit through the Voyeur's Gauntlet of the Valley of the Shadow of Eagles, at a speed probably inconsistent with the thronging crowd clogging up the trail like the cholesterol in Honey BooBoo's mother's arteries.

He was a tough act to follow because they were stirred up and then I was the next cyclist through. One bird watcher snapped at me, tell him to slow down and I just said hey I can't catch him going that fast. And I smiled and bade them all "good morning". Looking back on it, I should have tried to get away with bonjour and played it ala "Breaking Away".

Rode out across the Riverton Bridge and to McKees Marina. Reversed. By that time, major activity at the community center known as the Pump House. Took the lane through The Waterfront, still kind of verklempt about the best path through that development.

Rode through the Voyeur's Gauntlet of the Valley of the Shadow of Eagles again, very congested and gentle bell-ringing and low ground-speed seemed to dispell some agita. Some of those folks have some very expensive equipment set out, I could seem them being ungruntled about it getting bumped.

Some kind of major football activity going on at the Steeler's practice field. Across the Hot Metal Bridge, up Junction Hollow, back to the start. 32 miles, very nice day.

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